Loycy Engineering


LOYCY ENG. & CONST.CO.LTD (LECCL) is a company incorporated in Nigeria on the 11th of September 2009 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990. LOYCY ENG. & CONST.CO.LTD (LECCL) was registered to do  the following: business of general Engineering  Consultancy, Procurement, onshore/offshore pipeline  laying, Engineering design services, Welding and fabrication, Facility maintenance, Turnkey projects, marine logistics, equipment leasing and procurement.

LECCL has been recording significant growth in terms of operations and clients that do business with us. LECCL services is recognized for quality, safety, Cost effectiveness, and timely delivery of her projects. From inception to date, we have track records foe all construction services such as civil, Electrical, Instrumentation, Fabrication, Pipe laying, facilities, Maintenance and Mechanical  Engineering design. LECCL’s level integrity performances has continued to sustain our huge emphasis on the capacity building of management, Equipment acquisition, human resources development and highly developed customer delivery system.


  • To create value for our clients through excellence and innovation.
  • To be responsible partners with respect to Quality, safety and environmental impact of all our operations and services.
  • To run the company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth.
  • To recruit, retain and reward high-performance workforce.


  • To be recognized as the premier indigenous oil and gas service provider driven by excellence and innovation.


  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork


LECCL has a virile and very dynamic workforce that we like to refer to as our strength. This is in line with our mission to recruit, retain and reward a high-performance workforce. This hardworking, virile and dynamic workforce is managed and controlled by a group of highly competent management team with tonnes if experience in the petroleum sector, giving our company an edge over others in terms of productivity and service delivery to our shareholders and clients respectively. We have a qualified system for accessing key skills and experience to ensure that  our staff and consultants have significant and relevant experience relative to the job they are assigned. The Company to ensure continuous professional development for our team allocates significant resources   to various unique training and development programs. Creating an environment that supports professionalism, integrity and innovation has led to higher performance.


Our mission is to create a work environment in which the host communities and the company become fundamentally interdependent. This is done with a mutual understanding and commitment to growth and development. Our commitment to community development is based on the following objectives:-Integrated planning and execution of community development programs, with full community input and participation-sustainable empowerment  of the indigenous host communities through the provision of employment and improved welfare. Adoption of best practices that guarantee community   friendly  operations.



LECCL keenly advise clients, partners and staff on equitable levels of environmental safeguards to be incorporated to a project where hazard may not be covered by regulations or client’s policy. We strive to preserve a clean and healthy environment at all times. LECCL is bound by the following principles:

– The ultimate responsibility for the protection of the environment is with senior management, who in turn ensures that every employee is accountable for meeting the company’s environmental goals.

– Our goal is zero spills and environmental releases.

– We operate in a manner that protects the environment, which is the top priority of our operational plans. We strongly believe that our success is directly linked to the health and safety of our employees, clients and our reputation as a leader in environmental conservation.


In support of the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry content Act, which was signed into law on the 22nd April 2010,we are committed to maximizing in a sustainable manner the use of Nigerian human resources, materials, equipment and services in our operations without compromising the company’s values, quality, health, and safety and environment standards. In order to contribute to the development of Nigeria’s industrial capabilities and competencies and supporting the nation’s economy, we shall seek to maximize the participation of Nigerian businesses and local contractors in  our operations in compliance with the Nigerians Oil & Gas industry Content Development Act, 2010. Reasonable measures shall be undertaken at all times to meet  requisite Nigerian content levels. As an oil and gas service provider, we shall implement government policies/approved Nigerian Content Plan without compromising the intent of achieving the best overall value for the project in terms of prize, quality, efficiency, delivery and operating parameters.  We will also strive to maintain the close rapport we built with the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board.



In pursuance of the corporate technical mission, aimed at delivering high quality services and prevention and control of losses, the company shall adopt an integrated enhanced HSE management system and shall execute its operation in such a way as to:

Develop and maintain good relationship with host communities/clients and others

Preserve the health and safety of the workers and others who may be affected. Protect and conserve the environment and safeguard the human material resources.


LOYCY ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED believes that all accidents and community disturbances are preventable. HSE is a line management responsibility and a good business. Safety can be managed with the same level of dedication like production and cost control. Company’s management should be visibly committed to safety and it should be regarded as an integral part of company’s business. Finally, work should be suspended whenever it is considered unsafe.


Strategies  such as tool box meetings, safety meetings, debriefing, emergency and         surveillance drills, hazard management audits, safety induction, unsafe acts, near-miss and            accidents reporting and investigation, job safety training , development and sustenance of           good rapport with host communities, environmental protection, HSE performances   evaluation, among others, shall be carried out.


Strict adherence to general HSE codes is mandatory, valuable suggestions and contributions aimed at enhancement  of HSE standards shall be acknowledged and rewarded. Breach of HSE rules will not be tolerated.


The safety department is empowered to implement HSE standards in line with international, local, client’s and corporate safety provisions in order to achieve the corporate HSE objectives.


The objective(s) of every emergency response shall be to:

Consolidate established cordial relationship with host communities/client   and others save life, assist   the  injured  and  reduce damage to client or company’s resources and the environment and defend corporate integrity.

All the systems, strategies and procedures necessary to achieve these objectives shall be well co-ordinated. Reasonable attention shall be given to the development and sustenance of relevant resources towards the achievement of defines objectives.


It is the policy of LOYCY ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED to operate a formal Quality Assurance system that complies with the requirement of ISO 9001.

The purpose of this is to maintain existing business and enable the company to take advantage of new opportunities. This will result in success and satisfaction for the customer, company and individuals. This applies to all aspects of our operations. Consequently,  all staff must be committed to this concept and practice professionalism and system compliance. This is fundamental in all work undertaken and shall be practiced daily in all activities wherever the workplace is.

The quality system shall be closely monitored both internally and by external bodies to ensure that it is fully implemented. Continual awareness is essential. We must all work conscientiously to documented procedures. All personnel have the responsibility, the authority and organisational freedom to identify and evaluate quality concerns and to initiate solutions. The workers are committed to continuous improvements of quality and are encouraged to be actively involved in defect prevention and early detection and elimination of non-conformances. The manager of QA/QC function has got the necessary  authority and freedom initiative to check that the Quality system is correctly implemented and to propose and start any corrective action whenever deemed necessary.

In the event this is impractical, either in short term or long term, the QA/QC manager will advise accordingly. No deviation is permitted unless appropriately authorised.

This policy shall be communicated to All staff upon appointment. Staff shall  be advised by way of presentation/ training activities and also by being permanently displayed around company premises an worksites. It is important that All staff understands and attempt to comply with this policy at all time.